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Information and Links for Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands government website:

Selected banks in Cayman Islands:

Aall Trust & Banking Corporation Limited
AT&B is primarily a bank in the Swiss tradition, specialising in offering clients who meet its stringent qualifying criteria a full range of banking, asset management, trust and corporate services in a discreet, highly confidential and professional manner.

Ansbacher (Cayman) Limited
Wealth preservation, specialist Banking, Fiduciary and Investment services. International private and specialty banking; trustee; company management; investments; representation of banks/trust companies; mutual fund administration.

Bank Austria Cayman Islands
Provides a wide variety of traditional commercial banking and treasury services and a range of offshore services including company incorporation and management, trustee services, structured finance arrangements and mutual funds.

Bank of Bermuda (Cayman) Limited
Corporate and private banking services include: preeminence of Bankline among the bank's cash management services; allows the client on-line access via their PC to the bank's computers; Global Check is our exclusive interest bearing checking account. Denominated in U.S. dollars or British pounds sterling, providing access to offshore funds.

Bank of Butterfield International (Cayman) Limited
Full-service bank offering retail and commercial banking services to private and corporate clients; provision of portfolio management, brokerage, trust and company formation and administration and mutual funds administration service.

Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company (Cayman) Ltd
Provides offshore trust and company formation and administration services. Cubicle bank and trust administration; special purpose vehicles; mutual fund administration.

Barclays PLC (Cayman)
Barclays is a UK-based financial services group engaged primarily in banking, investment banking and investment management. In terms of assets employed, Barclays is one of the largest financial services groups in the United Kingdom.

Caledonian Bank &Trust Limited
Caledonian Bank is a full financial services provider offering banking, trust, insurance management, mutual fund administration, investment management and corporate management services including the provision of directors, officers, managers and accounting services for offshore companies of all types.

Cayman National Bank
Founded in 1974 - "The Bank is part of the Cayman National Corporation which can handle all your offshore financial needs. As well as a full range of retail and commercial banking services, we provide Trust and Corporate management, and investment brokerage services in stocks, bonds, metals and mutual funds. "

CIBC Trust Company (Cayman)
CIBC Bank and Trust Company (Cayman Islands) Limited is a subsidiary of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and was established in 1967 to provide individuals and corporations with a wide range of offshore financial services.

CITCO Bank & Trust Company Limited
Provide services to non-resident companies that conduct their business outside the Cayman Islands: current accounts, time deposits, clearing accounts, paying agent, escrow agent, forex, credit facilities and traditional custody services to mutual fund clients and institutional clients.

Fiduciary Trust (Cayman) Ltd
Founded in 1989, Fiduciary Trust (CAYMAN) Limited has built its success on strict adherence to the concept of offering personalised service to its clients.

Merrill Lynch Bank & Trust
Provision of non-resident Cayman companies for our international generational planning services clients.

NCB (Cayman)
NCB (Cayman) Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited, one of the two major retail banking entities operating in the domestic Jamaican market, and forming part of the NCB Group of companies.

Republic Bank Trinidad & Tobago (Cayman) Ltd.
Republic Bank Trinidad & Tobago (Cayman) Ltd. – established in 1992 – is the first indigenous bank of the English speaking Caribbean to establish an offshore facility in the Cayman Islands and to offer the benefits of tax free banking and trust services to citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

Royal Bank of Cananda
A full service international private bank offering a variety of services tailored for high net worth, sophisticated investors and corporate institutional clients.

St. George’s Trust Company Limited (Cayman)
St. George’s Trust Company Limited has evolved to become an internationally renowned premier offshore trust company.

UBS (Cayman Islands) Ltd.
Provides the following services out of Grand Cayman: private banking; asset management; financial planning/wealth management (including trust and corporate activities) and mutual fund administration.

The more complete list of the banks in the Cayman Islands is below:

Alexandria Bancorp Limited
Altajir Bank
BNP Private Bank & Trust Cayman Ltd
Banca Unione Di Credito (Cayman) Ltd
Banco Bradesco S A
Banco Do Brasil S A
Banco do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul S A Banrisul
Banif-Banco International Do Funchal
Bank Austria Cayman Islands Ltd
Bank Danamon Indonesia
Bank Espirito Santo International Ltd
Bank Niaga Grand Cayman Branch
Bank of America Trust & Banking Corp
Bank of Bermuda (Cayman) Ltd
Bank of China
Bank of Credit & Commerce International (in liquidation)
Bank of New York Trust Company
Bank Vontobel Cayman
BCN International Bank Ltd
BCP Bank & Trust Co. Ltd.
Bessemer Trust Company (Cayman) Ltd
BHD Cayman International Bank
Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited (Fort St.)
Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited (Compass Centre)
Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited (West Shore)
CIBC Bank & Trust Company (Cayman) Limited
Caledonian Bank & Trust Ltd
Cayman Islands Development Bank
Cayman National Bank Ltd (Main Office)
Cayman National Bank Ltd (West Wind)
Cayman National Bank Ltd (Buckingham Square)
Cayman National Bank Ltd (Centennial Tower)
Citco Bank & Trust Co Ltd
Close Bank Cayman Limited
Coutts (Cayman) Ltd
Delta Bank & Trust Co
Deutsche Bank (Cayman) Ltd
Dextra-Bank & Trust Co Ltd
Dresdner Bank Lateinamerika AG
Dundee Bank (Dundee Leeds)
Fidelity Bank(Cayman) Ltd.
FirstCaribbean International Bank
First Cayman Bank (In Liquidation)
Fortis Bank (Cayman) Ltd
Gerfiner Bank
Givens Hall Bank & Trust Ltd
Gulf Union Bank Ltd
HSBC Financial Services (Cayman) Limited
IBJ Whitehall Bank & Trust Co
Julius Baer Bank & Trust Co Ltd
LGT Bank ln Liechtenstein (Cayman) Ltd
Mercury Bank & Trust Ltd
Merrill Lynch Bank & Trust Co (Cayman) Ltd
Midland Bank Trust Corporation (Cayman) Ltd
Morval Bank & Trust Cayman Ltd
Multi Banking Corporation (Overseas) Ltd
National Building Society of Cayman
NCB (Cayman) Limited
PDG Bank (Cayman) Ltd
Piguet Bank & Trust Ltd
PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk
PT Bank Niaga
Queensgate Bank & Trust Co Ltd
Royal Bank of Canada (Main Office)
Royal Bank of Canada (Queens Court)
Royal Bank of Canada Trust Co (Cayman) Ltd
Schroder Cayman Bank & Trust Co Ltd
Scotiabank (Cayman Islands) Ltd
Scotiabank Ltd (Fosters Airport Br)
Scotiabank Ltd (The Strand)
Sul America International Bank (Cayman) Ltd
Trade Link Bank
Transocean Bank & Trust Ltd
Unicorp Bank & Trust Co Ltd
United Mizrahi Bank
Venecredit Bank 7 Trust Ltd
Wachovia Bank & Trust Company (Cayman) Ltd.
Wing Hang Bank (Cayman) Ltd


Bank List - Category B Banks
Licence # Institution Name Type of License PO Box
65001 Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Banking & Trust 694GT
66002 Barclays Bank PLC Banking & Trust 487GT
67002 RBS Coutts (Cayman) Limited Banking & Trust 707GT
70001 Bermuda Trust (Cayman) Limited Banking & Trust 1109GT
72001 The Bank of New York Mellon Banking & Trust 705GT
72003 Dresdner Bank Aktiengesellschaft Banking & Trust 705GT
72006 Multi Banking Corporation (Overseas) Limited Banking & Trust 712GT
73004 Bank Leumi Le Israel B.M. Banking & Trust 694GT
73005 Bank Leumi USA Banking & Trust 694GT
73011 Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. Banking & Trust 705GT
73012 Cititrust (Cayman) Limited Banking & Trust 1170GT
73020 Capital One, National Association Banking & Trust 1034GT
73021 Huntington National Bank (The) Banking & Trust 694GT
74001 Altajir Bank Banking & Trust 691GT
74003 GNB Sudameris Bank Limited Banking 1043GT
74008 Bayerische Hypo - Und Vereinsbank AG Banking & Trust 694GT
74009 Brasilian American Merchant Bank Banking & Trust 1360GT
74019 Cayman Institutional Bank Banking & Trust 31910SMB
74021 Julius Baer Bank and Trust Company Ltd Banking & Trust 1100GT
74023 M & I Marshall & Ilsley Bank Banking 1034GT
75005 J.P. Morgan Trust Company (Cayman) Limited Banking & Trust 694GT
75010 SunTrust Bank Banking & Trust 1034GT
75013 WestLB AG Banking & Trust 190GT
76002 Banco do Brasil S.A. Banking 1360GT
76005 Bank Hapoalim (Cayman) Limited Banking & Trust 1043GT
76011 Cayman National Trust Co. Ltd. Banking & Trust 10340APO
76016 DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank, Frankfurt am Main Banking 1586GT
76017 U.S. Bank National Association Banking & Trust 1586GT
77004 Deutsche Bank International Trust Co. (Cayman) Limited Banking & Trust 1967GT
77005 NATIXIS Banking 1034GT
77008 Comerica Bank Banking & Trust 1586GT
77015 KBC Bank N.V. Banking & Trust 694GT
77016 Liu Chong Hing Banking Corporation, Cayman Banking & Trust 705GT
77018 Schroder Cayman Bank and Trust Company Limited Banking & Trust 1040GT
78001 Allied Irish Banks, Public Limited Company Banking & Trust 694GT
78002 Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited Banking 1586GT
78003 Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria S.A. Banking & Trust 1109GT
78013 Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft Banking 1984GT
78014 International Bank for Commerce Banking 219GT
78017 ING Bank N.V. Banking & Trust 694GT
78022 Mizrahi Tefahot Bank Ltd Banking 705GT
79004 Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires Banking & Trust 1034GT
79005 Banco Itau S.A. Banking 1034GT
79011 Calyon Banking 705GT
79012 BNP Paribas Banking & Trust 10632APO
79033 Societe Generale Banking 1034GT
Printed: September 30 2009 Page1 Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
Licence # Institution Name Type of License PO Box
Bank List - Category B Banks
80005 HSBC Mexico S.A. Banking 1109GT
80007 BBVA Bancomer, S.A. Banking & Trust 1109GT
80009 Bank of India Banking 694GT
80015 Commonwealth Bank of Australia Banking 1034GT
80023 Israel Discount Bank of New York Banking & Trust 694GT
80025 Scotiabank Inverlat S.A. Banking 501GT
80026 National Australia Bank Limited Banking 1109GT
80031 State Street Bank and Trust Company Banking 1034GT
80033 Unibanco - Uniao de Bancos Brasileiros S.A. Banking 1034GT
80035 Westpac Banking Corporation Banking 694GT
80036 Zions First National Bank Banking & Trust 1034GT
81002 ABN Amro Bank N.V. Banking 694GT
81006 BAC International Bank (Grand Cayman) Banking & Trust 1043GT
81008 Credit Bank and Trust Company - Helm Financial Services Banking & Trust 1043GT
81009 Banco de la Nacion Argentina Banking 1034GT
81016 Bank of New York Trust Company (Cayman) Limited (The) Banking & Trust 705GT
81017 Bank of Scotland plc Banking 705GT
81020 Bayerische Landesbank Banking 1586GT
81025 Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft Banking 694GT
81031 Fifth Third Bank (The) Banking & Trust 1034GT
81034 Gulf International Bank B.S.C. Banking 705GT
81036 HSBC Guyerzeller Trust Company Banking & Trust 1109GT
81037 Landesbank Hessen-Thuringen Girozentrale Banking 705GT
81043 Rabobank Nederland Banking 705GT
81048 Towerbank, Ltd Banking & Trust 694GT
81050 Wing Hang Bank (Cayman) Ltd Banking & Trust 694GT
82001 Arab Banking Corporation (B.S.C) Banking 1034GT
82002 Atlantic Security Bank Banking & Trust 1097GT
82004 Banco Bradesco S.A. Banking 1818GT
82012 Bank of China Limited Banking 30995SMB
82020 First Hawaiian Bank Banking 1034GT
82032 Northern Trust Company (The) Banking & Trust 1034GT
83002 Standard Chartered Trust (Cayman) Limited Banking & Trust 674GT
83006 Banco Colpatria Cayman Inc. Banking 705GT
83007 Banco do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul S.A. Banking 1034GT
83008 Banco Nacional de Comercio Exterior, SNC Banking 694GT
83009 Bank Espirito Santo (International) Limited Banking & Trust 10507APO
83013 Credit Suisse Banking & Trust 694GT
83015 Delta Bank and Trust Company, Grand Cayman Banking & Trust 706GT
83028 The Dundee Bank Banking & Trust 2506GT
83032 TransOcean Bank & Trust, Ltd Banking & Trust 1959GT
84005 BNY Mellon Trust of Delaware Banking 705GT
84017 Nacional Financiera S.N.C. Banking 1034GT
84018 National Bank of Kuwait S.A.K.(The) Banking 1034GT
85005 Banco General (Overseas), Inc. Banking 1034GT
85007 Bessemer Trust Company (Cayman) Limited Banking & Trust 694GT
85014 Wells Fargo Bank Northwest, National Association Banking 1034GT
85015 Givens Hall Bank & Trust Ltd Banking & Trust 1040GT
85025 Royal Bank of Scotland plc (The) Banking 707GT
85028 Toronto - Dominion Bank (The) Banking 705GT
86010 LGT Bank in Liechtenstein (Cayman) Limited Banking & Trust 852GT
86014 BCT Bank International Banking & Trust 694GT
86016 Mercantil Bank and Trust Limited (Cayman) Banking & Trust 694GT
Printed: September 30 2009 Page2 Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
Licence # Institution Name Type of License PO Box
Bank List - Category B Banks
86023 Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd. Banking 705GT
86029 Popular Bank Llc, Cayman Banking & Trust 705GT
87002 Bancolombia Cayman Banking 1043GT
87013 Erste Group Bank AG Banking & Trust 705GT
87023 Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Banking 694GT
87025 Svenska Handelsbanken Banking 1034GT
87028 United Bank for Africa Plc Banking & Trust 694GT
87029 Venecredit Bank & Trust, Ltd. Banking & Trust 454GT
88011 Bank of Bermuda (Cayman) Limited Banking & Trust 1109GT
88013 Barclays Private Bank & Trust (Cayman) Limited Banking & Trust 487GT
88015 Branch Banking and Trust Company Banking 1034GT
88025 The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Banking 705GT
88026 Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation Banking 694GT
88032 Pictet Bank and Trust (Cayman) Ltd Banking & Trust 852GT
89013 Serfin International Bank & Trust Banking & Trust 694GT
89022 KeyBank National Association Banking 1586GT
89028 Trident Trust Company (Cayman) Limited Banking & Trust 847GT
90002 Alexandria Bancorp Limited Banking & Trust 2428GT
90012 P.T. Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk Banking 1034GT
90013 PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Banking 1034GT
90017 Nordea Bank Norge ASA Banking 30124SMB
90031 P.T. Bank Internasional Indonesia TBK Banking 1034GT
90033 P.T. Bank Pan Indonesia TBK Banking 1034GT
90044 Bank Vontobel Cayman Banking & Trust 30846SMB
90045 Whitney National Bank Banking 705GT
91007 Crediop Overseas Bank Limited Banking 705GT
91023 Norddeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale Banking 1109GT
91025 Regions Bank Banking 1034GT
91027 Banco Mercantil del Norte, S.A., Institucion de Banca Multiple, Grupo Financiero Banorte Banking 705GT
91038 Unicorp Bank & Trust Ltd. Banking & Trust 1034GT
91048 Republic Bank (Cayman) Limited Banking & Trust 2004GT
91050 Nordea Bank Finland Plc Banking 30124SMB
91065 Foreningssparbanken AB (Publ). (Swedbank) Banking 1109GT
91067 Credit Industriel ET Commercial Banking 694GT
92006 Quilmes Bank and Trust (Cayman) Ltd. Banking & Trust 501GT
92019 Itau Bank, Ltd Banking & Trust 1034GT
92023 NCB (Cayman) Limited Banking & Trust 31120SMB
92024 Northern Trust Cayman International, Ltd. Banking & Trust 1034GT
92029 United Overseas Bank (Thai) Public Company Limited Banking 1034GT
93001 Sul America International Bank (Cayman) Ltd Banking 10081APO
93004 Banco Safra (Cayman Islands) Limited Banking 1034GT
93013 BANIF-Banco Internacional do Funchal (Cayman) Ltd. Banking 32338SMB
93017 The Siam City Bank Public Company Limited Banking 1034GT
93018 HSBC Private Bank International Banking 1109GT
93024 Unibanco Cayman Bank Ltd. Banking 1034GT
93032 Wachovia Bank and Trust Company (Cayman) Ltd. Banking & Trust 10259APO
93044 CITIC Ka Wah Bank Limited Banking 694GT
94008 Banco Comafi (Cayman) Limited Banking & Trust 694GT
94022 WestLB do Brasil Cayman Limited Banking 852GT
94028 Calyon Overseas Bank Ltd. Banking 1109GT
94037 Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited Banking 1034GT
94038 Kasikornbank Public Company Limited Banking 1034GT
94040 TMB Bank Public Company Limited Banking 1034GT
Printed: September 30 2009 Page3 Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
Licence # Institution Name Type of License PO Box
Bank List - Category B Banks
94045 Smith Barney Private Trust Company (Cayman) Limited Banking & Trust 1170GT
94051 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited Banking 1034GT
95009 Banco B.I. Creditanstalt S.A. Banking 705GT
95032 HSBC Bank Plc George Town Branch Banking 1109GT
95036 BNP Paribas Bank & Trust Cayman Limited Banking & Trust 10632APO
95039 Chase Bank USA, National Association Banking 694GT
95054 Banco Safra S.A. Banking 1034GT
96012 Union Bank of California, National Association Banking & Trust 1034GT
96013 American Express Centurion Bank Banking 1034GT
96020 Banco Inbursa S.A. Banking & Trust 1109GT
96023 Wing Lung Bank Ltd. Banking 1034GT
96026 UBS Pactual Banking Limited Banking 705GT
96027 BIE - Bank & Trust Ltd. Banking & Trust 1034GT
96048 National City Bank, Cleveland Banking 1034GT
97004 SunTrust Banks Trust Company (Cayman) Ltd. Banking & Trust 1586GT
97012 Banco Finantia International Limited Banking 30124SMB
97014 CITCO Bank and Trust Company Limited Banking & Trust 31105SMB
97015 RBC Bank (USA) Banking 1586GT
97022 Caixa Economica Montepio Geral Banking 30124SMB
97025 Banco Privado Portugues (Cayman) Ltd Banking 30124SMB
97027 Venezolano De Credito, S.A., Banco Universal Banking 454GT
98005 BCP Finance Bank, Ltd. Banking 30124SMB
98007 World Fund Financial Services Banking (Restricted) 2241GT
98020 UBS AG Banking & Trust 852GT
98023 Carolina First Bank Banking 1034GT
98027 Johnson Bank Banking 1959GT
98035 HSBC Bank Brasil S.A. - Banco Multiplo Banking 1109GT
98038 Union Bank of Israel Ltd. Banking 1109GT
99010 PT. BANK MANDIRI (PERSERO) Tbk Banking 1034GT
100009 First Commercial Bank Banking 694GT
100010 BPN - Cayman, Limited Banking 30124SMB
100011 Banco Espirito Santo, S.A. Banking 10507APO
100012 BCL Private Bank & Trust (Cayman) Ltd. Banking & Trust 30622SMB
100013 Landesbank Baden-Württemberg Banking 705GT
100015 Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A. Banking 30124SMB
100019 Caixa Geral de Depositos Banking 32307SMB
100021 Associated Bank, National Association Banking 1034GT
100026 Columbus Bank and Trust Company Banking & Trust 694GT
100033 Texas Capital Bank, National Association Banking 694GT
100037 Amegy Bank National Association Banking 1034GT
100038 National Bank of Egypt Banking 1034GT
100044 Banco ABC Brasil S.A. Banking 1034GT
100045 BMG Bank (Cayman) Limited Banking 694GT
100048 Colonial Bank Banking 705GT
100055 Finibanco, S.A. Banking 30124SMB
100057 Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company Banking 1034GT
100060 Banco Industrial e Comercial S.A. Banking 30124SMB
100061 BIC International Bank Limited Banking 10507APO
100062 Wells Fargo Bank, National Association Banking 1034GT
100063 California Canton International Bank (Cayman) Ltd. Banking 1034GT
100067 Banco BPI Cayman, Ltd. Banking & Trust 1034GT
100074 Bank of Oklahoma N.A. Banking 694GT
Printed: September 30 2009 Page4 Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
Licence # Institution Name Type of License PO Box
Bank List - Category B Banks
100077 Abbey National Treasury Services plc Banking 694GT
100081 BNP Paribas Private Bank Banking & Trust 10632APO
100085 Bank of the West Banking 1034GT
100090 Fortis Bank sa/nv Banking 2003GT
100091 Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Banking 694GT
100092 Banco BPI, S.A. Banking 1034GT
100095 Banco Fibra S.A. Banking & Trust 694GT
100097 Compass Bank Banking 1034GT
100101 Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co. (U.S.A.) Banking & Trust 1034GT
100105 PlainsCapital Bank Banking 694GT
100106 DnB NOR Bank ASA Banking 705GT
100107 HSH Nordbank AG Banking 705GT
100108 Sovereign Bank Banking 694GT
100112 HSBC Bank USA, National Association Banking 1109GT
100115 Dexia Credit Local Banking & Trust 694GT
100117 The National Bank of Indianapolis Banking 694GT
100118 Webster Bank, National Association Banking 705GT
100121 Banco Itau Holding Financeira S.A. Banking 1034GT
100127 PT Bank Niaga Tbk Banking 1034GT
100129 Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania Banking & Trust 1034GT
100133 RBS Citizens, National Association Banking & Trust 1034GT
100135 Banco Morgan Stanley Dean Witter S.A. Banking 1109GT
100136 Saad International Bank Limited Banking 2131GT
100137 TD Banknorth, National Association Banking & Trust 705GT
100139 Trustmark National Bank Banking 1034GT
100140 Banco Mercantil do Brasil S.A. Banking 1034GT
100144 Saadgroup Financial Services Company Limited Banking 2131GT
100153 Banco Pine S.A. Banking 705GT
100155 CoBiz Bank N.A. Banking 1034GT
100156 Silicon Valley Bank Banking 1586GT
100157 Sterling Bank Banking 1034GT
100159 Queensgate Bank Ltd. Banking 30464SMB
100160 Banco Santander S.A. Banking 10444SMB
100166 Vectra Bank Colorado, National Association Banking 1034GT
100167 National Bank of Arizona Banking 1034GT
100168 California Bank and Trust Banking & Trust 1034GT
100169 The Commerce Bank of Washington, National Association Banking 1034GT
100170 Nevada State Bank Banking 1034GT
100171 Banco Merrill Lynch de Investimentos S.A. Banking 1109GT
100173 Banco Daycoval S.A. Banking 1034GT
100174 Banco Ibi S.A. Banking 30124SMB
100179 EFG Bank Banking 10360APO
100180 Banco Indusval S.A Banking 1034GT
100181 Banco Sofisa S.A. Banking 1034GT
100186 Banco Rabobank International Brasil S.A. Banking 705GT
100188 BancorpSouth Bank, Cayman Islands Branch Banking 705GT
100209 The Frost National Bank Banking 705GT
Total Number of Institutions: 252